The Challenges We Endure Only Make Us Stronger

Build the Undisputed Artificial Intelligence Opponent for FreeCiv

Your Exercise

eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate - play your favorite game and teach our developers the principles of your pathway to victory.

Your Contribution

The strategies you teach our developers will be translated into computer language and fed into our artificial intelligence – better known as HIRO (Human Intelligence Robotically Optimized). HIRO will amalgamate the most successful Civilization strategies from all over the planet, learn from them constantly and optimize them through machine learning.

Your rewards

Sign up to the HIROic Challenge, play two games, get rewarded with a signing bonus.
Depending upon how well you do, your efforts will be further rewarded with great non-cash bonuses including

20 Civilization VI Deluxe Edition
2 VIP trips to the gaming festival PAX South 2017 in San Antonio, TX
3 trips to the gaming festival PAX South 2017 in San Antonio, TX

Once the knowledge sets (strategies taught and translated into computer language) are collected, these knowlege sets will combat in a final ‘all against all + Freeciv computer opponent‘ battle. The goal is to beat your rival‘s knowledge set as well as the computer opponent. Knowledge sets that win the highest number of games will be awarded with an extra bonus according to their ranking. May the best win!

Our Engine

Our Pledge

You will be immortalized in HIRO – the world’s soon-to-be undisputed FreeCiv champion.

Your future computer opponent will never again trick or bore you. Every time you play against HIRO you will be playing against the world’s best players at the same time.
Show us your prowess – Create the world’s most powerful computer opponent for FreeCiv
Go down in history
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